The world is at war. Prepare for an accidental future.

The internet is the greatest disruption in the history of business. Its convergence with data, mobile and other forms of technology is transforming business in ways nobody had ever imagined. Be prepared to dissolve your ideas of today and reset them into future fit forms for tomorrow.

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About the book

Forms of technology, business and military strategy and examples of firms and real-world experiences today

The foundations of the book are a snapshot of the world around us today combined with strategic themes and a metaphor of a world at war with itself and helps make this a riveting narrative that seeks to make sense of what fuels the digital chaos around us and where it is leading the global community. 

The journey through a labyrinth of technology, business and military strategy and examples of firms and real-world experiences today, helps build a concise picture of the interplay of the digital forces conflicting in the shadows while also helping shape a view on a possible digital future and how to prepare for this. 

The book consists of 30 chapters, 52518 words.

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Book Synopsis

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Target Market Analysis

The book is aimed at a broad swathe of the reading public and includes business leaders and managers, entrepreneurs and the academic environment and could also assist families and communities grappling with how to prepare for a future shrouded in mist and supposition.

Herman also regularly writes articles on his thought leadership. From technology to latest digital news. 

The Latest About

The Author

Hemmanth Singh

Professor & Author

The book is based on the author’s 40-year global working career incorporate, as a strategy and digital advisor and entrepreneur and as an academic at five leading global businesses schools. 

He has co-published books aimed at MBA students and executives (now in its’ third edition) and is a regular contributor to various technology and business publications.  The author will also be able to promote the book on his LinkedIn profile with more than 20 000 active followers and well as the many global conferences he frequently presents at. 

For past articles (Thought Leadership) and a copy of his CV, please refer to www.future-advisory.co.za

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